Ms. Spinney Message

                                                                                                      Last Note from Miss Spinney


Greetings to the Class of 1979. It's hard for me to believe that you have been out of high school for 35 years. 


I've been asked to bring you up to date on the Spinney Vision Scholarship project that you so generously gave to at your last reunion. As you know, we choose students at the end of the 7th grade who need extra support or might fall through the cracks for any number of reasons. The students are assigned middle school mentors, high school mentors and community mentors who help guide them through those difficult years. During the junior and senior years in high school each student has a budget of $1,000 to pay for school related expenses such as SATs, college application fees, prom, yearbook, etc. 


Upon graduation, they are awarded a scholarship of $2,000 a year up to four years for any kind of further education. We began by choosing one student a year and now choose four because of support from groups such as yours. We presently have three students in college, two graduating from high school in June and eleven others from grade 8 on. We will choose three more from the seventh grade in April. We have had more successes than failures and are pleased about that since our target group is iffy to begin with. 


I hope you are all doing well and will say hi if you are ever in the area. CS